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Pain-free, permanent laser hair removal for all skin types

HANDS DOWN, the word LASER sends shivers down our spines. The thought of never having to use an epilator, never having to pluck, wax or thread again is just fabulous. Some think it’s a dream but with todays technology, this dream can become a reality! Laser is without a doubt the best option for hair removal. There is no better laser treatment for dark or pigmented hair. 

 At TLB we use revolutionary and award-winning laser technology for permanent and painless hair removal. We apply a new treatment technique called IN-Motion™. This is what makes this treatment pain free, unlike other laser treatments which can be painful and cause burns and even scars. You must be thinking, how can hair removal possibly be pain-free? In layman’s terms, what makes The Laser Beautiques’ treatment pain free and different from other laser treatments is that conventional lasers use a high burst of energy and a “zap and move” treatment technique which stings. Most compare it to the feeling of an elastic band snapping on one’s skin. With conventional lasers, the higher the energy, the more painful the sting and the better the efficacy. Therapist try and treat clients using the highest energy to get best results for their clients. This is why, any institution that have an outdated or cheap laser have a bad reputation for burning and scarring.  

Instead of treating with a very high intensity, In Motion™ technology at The Laser Beautique allows for low, multiple bursts, of energy to gradually increase the treatment intensity. We like to explain the difference between outdated painful lasers and our state-of-the-art pain-free laser by using the analogy of having a bath. If one draws a boiling hot bath and gets in, they will burn, like conventional lasers using high energy BUT if you get into a luke warm bath and gradually increase the temperature of the water, you can withstand even higher temperature without feeling any pain or discomfort, similar to our ground breaking treatment technique.

Therefore, at The Laser Beautique, we can treat our clients more aggressively, yet painlessly and safely. This gradual treatment technique is the first of its kind to safely treat ASIAN, AFRICAN and TANNED SKIN TYPES. There are many benefits of choosing laser as your hair removal method. We already know its pain-free and permanent at The Laser Beautique. Laser also gets rid of ingrown hair. YES! You read right! There are many more reasons why you should chose to have your laser hair removal at The Laser Beautique. Please make sure that you learn all about the difference between IPL and laser and understand how our laser is safe and effective for all skin types, even darker, African and Asian skin types. Learn about laser before you start your journey. Understanding the treatment will allow for more successful result.

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