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Purchase Africa’s first bio-degradable razors and help reduce carbon emissions, stop single-use plastic and save our environment, 1 razor at a time!

Did you know? It takes plastic 450 years to degrade. Most people shave using single-use plastic razors. Plastic razors cannot be recycled because recycling plants can’t remove the blade from the plastic handle. The metal blades are bio-degradable, they rust and turn into sand quickly. The plastic handle is the problem.

Did you know that 90% of plastic is not recycled, even if the packaging says “recyclable”.

Beau-Raze has the following benefits:

* 100% biodegradable and made from wheat
* boasts 3 premium blades for a close shave
* comes with 1 handle and 3 replaceable heads
* Natural and comfortable with non-slip grip
* Cost is more affordable than non-degradable 3 blade razors



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