Single sided rose quartz roller

Single sided rose quartz roller

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Rose quartz brings a deep inner healing, enhancing self love, self trust, self worth and self confidence. It can be used to attract love into your life and maintain a happy loving relationship.

This single ended roller can be used for massaging the face, neck and eyes & can help fight wrinkles & decrease puffiness.

Massaging daily boosts blood flow and increases oxygen supply bringing nutrients and hydration to the skin cells. The roller can also be used for relieving stress in the facial muscles, which seems to accumulate tension as we get older. Massaging stiff facial muscles around the jaw, cheeks and forehead can be very therapeutic and helps relax the face.

  • Suitable for face and eye massage. This versatile jade roller with a smooth polished surface, will not scratch the skin
  • Ergonomic, ideal for holding in your hand. It is naturally cool to touch
  • A secret to the good skin
  • Increases vascular circulation under the eyes for a rejuvenated and youthful exuberance
  • Best gift for a friend of family member