Aluminium Skin Cooler

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Calm and relieve sensitive skin, reduce swelling and relieve pain after any in clinic treatment done or after a sun burn. The skin cooler promotes absorption of cosmetics, shrinks pores, tightens the skin and increases skin elasticity. It reduces facial or local edema or sunburn repair.

The circular massage head on the top of the product can massage the eye area and assist with eye cream penetration for effective absorption.

The moisture on the surface can replenish the moisture lost from the skin. It also has the benefit to bring down a fever without the use of chemical products.

Skin Cooler:

  1. Smooths and tightens skin
  2. Calms and reliefs sensitive skin, reduces swelling and relieves post op pain
  3. Promotes the absorption of cosmetics, shrinks pores and increases skin elasticity
  4. Reduces both facial and local oedema, sunburn repair
  5. Used to massage the eye area and introduce eye creams/serums
  6. Pure physical cooling can be used to bring down a fever
  7. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  8. Small, easy and compact


How to use:

The product can be refrigerated in the refrigerator for 30 minutes and about 6 degrees for about 30 minutes. (Ambient temperature also affects the length of cold storage time).

It is better to massage with a circular trajectory. Follow the direction of the muscle texture. Do not stagnant in the same part too long to avoid skin injury.

The top ring buckle is a designed draw on comfort of holding objects. Therefore, when using this product, you can expereince a more comfortable grip and beautify your skin easily.

Safety measures:

  • Do not use it on any wound site
  • Do not cuase the goods to fall or collide so as to not cause damage to the goods or reduce the insulation capacity.
  • Do not use in the same place for too long to avoid frostbite
  • If metabolic circulation or tactile nerve is retarded, please consult with your doctor first
  • Please prevent direct sunlight or high temperatures
  • Do not use any corrosive cleaning products
  • Please use cotton or tissue paper to wipe the massage head