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We see it everywhere – those perfectly groomed, fluffy brows that look like only a professional could have done it. And if you are not one of the lucky individuals who were blessed with naturally full brows, or if you were someone who got a little tweezer-happy in your teen years and are still waiting for those hairs to come back in, achieving the look seems even further away from your reach.

Surprisingly, the look is a lot easier to achieve than you think! If you want the scoop on getting that brushed-up, slicked-up look, reminiscent of laminated brows, read on! We’re about to tell you how to get it done using the age old technique of soap brows and Fluffy Brow Co.’s Soap Balm.

Locally manufactured and made from environmentally conscious ingredients, our products are naturally free from colorants and fragrances to avoid irritation, and contain ingredients that actually promote eyebrow health and growth while still allowing you to create that sought-after, perfect fluffy brow that stays in place all day.

Fluffy Brow Co.’s products are suitable for all skin types.

Aside from the thought and effort put into the products themselves, the same goes into our packaging. We have aimed to make all our product packaging convenient and aesthetically pleasing while being as environmentally friendly as possible.

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