5 minutes to remove 10 years.

Is your skin tired-looking and starting to form fine lines and wrinkles, but you’re concerned about having an invasive or drastic facial procedure? Then Coolifting is for you!

You can now unlock your skins potential for radiance and luminosity in 5 minutes with the newest facial in Europe and USA. From Kim Kardashian West to Paris Hilton, Coolifting has become Hollywood celebs favourite facial. Having Coolifting should be on everyones beauty bucket list!

CooLifting, also referred to as the original “Hollywood Beauty Gun,” is the newest non-invasive solution for facial rejuvenation. This quick treatment combines a unique concentration of hyaluronic acid and other botanicals with a cold, CO2 (carbon dioxide) spray directly onto the skin. The cool CO2 mist helps the hyaluronic solution to saturate more completely and deeply into your skin, increasing its impact.

While each of the two parts of the CooLifting process can be effective by themselves, they work better together. Skin exposed to high concentrations of carbon dioxide naturally responds by releasing more oxygen to the area, giving it a plumped appearance.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring chemical in your body that helps replenish moisture and promotes healing. During CooLifting, the cool CO2 mist activates the serum to penetrate more deeply then it could on its own.

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